Welcome to Transformation!  The transformation division is all about personal growth through health and fitness.  I want to give each of you a platform to briefly share your story and inspire our live audience.  Four pictures of your choice will be displayed on the big screen as you perform a T-walk across the stage.  The DJ will be playing house music as the emcee reads your bio!  After each of you have had your individual stage time, you will exit the stage, stay close because you will be called back out in a group after the last person has walked.  There will be a live judging and a winner will be announced…although you are all winners!  


Things to remember:


-  ALL bios (200 words) and up to four pictures are due by September 1 for the NGA West Coast Classic

-  ALL bios (200 words) and up to four pictures are due by November 1 for the NGA East Coast Classic


-  You may wear whatever you want for the evening show which will start at 4:00pm.  It can be a swimsuit, evening     gown, suit, gym clothes, or anything that makes you feel strong and confident.


-  Stage lights are BRIGHT and can wash you out, so a tan and dramatic make-up are recommended.


-  As a competitor in the show you will have access to backstage during the morning show and evening show!  You will  not be on stage during the morning show, but I welcome you to come backstage to observe.  


-If you are Transformation only, you DO NOT need to be at check-ins on Friday night. You DO NOT need a polygraph! You DO NOT need an NGA membership card!  You can show up at the venue in the morning if you choose, please arrive at 2:45pm for the athlete meeting!  Again, you are invited to be part of the morning pre-judging, but you will not take the stage until the evening show.  If you choose to use our make-up vendor, an appointment is necessary!  


If you have any other questions at all please do not hesitate to call, text or email!



407-340-7929  @ngagatorproductions   @mattammann1